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by Marketa Irglova

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    Bonus track 'Worth the Wait' included with purchase of the digital album.

    We are waiting for the manufacturing of LP vinyl, CD digipak and a hardcover lyrics book (which will come with a CD). More info on all of that very soon.
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    Vinyl release available for sale now. Limited edition on neon violet vinyl.

    Vinyl mastering and cutting by the brilliant Scott Hull at Masterdisk.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Lila via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 5 days

    Includes unlimited streaming of Lila via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 5 days
    Purchasable with gift card

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  • Book/Magazine + Digital Album

    Includes an introduction by Karen Page, portraits by Lena Bushart and art by Nahid Hagigat.
    Graphic design and layout by Markéta Irglová and Sturla Mio Thorisson.

    The book includes a physical CD of the album.

    Each song has its own dedicated opening. Lyrics are in Markéta´s own handwriting and each song has a photo carrying the songs intent. She curated the photos even before most of the songs of Lila had been written or recorded. Her vision comes full circle with this book.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Lila via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 5 days
    edition of 1000 
    Purchasable with gift card

      $25 USD or more 


LOVE STAYED WITH ME No one is immune to love once it finds you, It softens you in ways only love knows how to, All the while it gives you strength, Makes you feel like there is nothing you can’t do, Maybe that is why I never saw it coming, Losing you… And though I lost you, love stayed with me, I wished for it to go, leave me numb and empty But it won’t dwindle away, Though time’s been long and distance wide, When I close my eyes I still feel you By my side… It seems I’ll always love you and want you to return, OK, whatever love is here to teach me, I will learn… You can plead, you cry, When time has come to say goodbye, But you can’t hide from the pain you feel, Can’t kiss the ground before you kneel, Kneel and bow down low, Love is queen, may she soften every blow.
GIRL FROM A MOVIE Here I am, finally after all this waiting, I can’t believe it’s really you, You’re just like I’d always imagined, Better than I had imagined… Oh, what a waste of time it’s been, Chasing this dream, making my thoughts all about you, I never had a fight in this to win, I just thought I found love and followed you blindly, but You’re not the man I had hoped, You’re not the same as I imagined, You’re not at all who I thought you to be, When you look at me, what do you see? Am I not more to you than a girl from that movie? One of these days you'll see me on TV Maybe by then you'll realize what you had in me, And you'll be sorry you let me go My bad, I made you out to be a god, Not without fault, but still light years apart from everybody else, Damn, I just can’t make it make any sense, And it hurts to embrace this falling from grace with my eyes open, seeing I’m not the girl you had hoped, I’m not the same as you imagined, I’m not at all who you thought me to be, When you look at me, what do you see? Am I not more to you than a girl from a movie? One of these days you'll see me on TV Maybe by then you'll realize what you had in me, And you'll be sorry you let me go, I think you know... Here I am, just me with all my imperfections, Showing myself bare to you, Not meeting all your expectations, But better than your expectations, Not that you will ever know… Never have I ever seen a better movie, I just fell in love with all the actors, And I really missed them when the movie was over, So I ended up just watching it over and over, Wishing them to be real people, Imagining myself disappearing, Into their world for a second.
High & Dry 05:06
HIGH AND DRY Who will dance with you, When you’re left high and dry? You had your eye on a boy, but Now you’re feeling shy, ‘Cause he is courting a pretty girl, Who lives right next door, He is waltzing her ‘round and ‘Round the dance floor, and You get up to leave, and Out the door you fly, While he runs after you saying, “Don’t leave without a goodbye!” “Goodbye then, have a good night, I’l be on my way, The party is nice but I’m afraid I can’t stay, ‘Cause I’ve got things that I need to do…”, “Goodnight then, I will be thinking of you… Let me walk you home”, he said, “The night is dark and cold, Or come on back inside, See how the night may unfold…”, You said “I think you have a girl inside, Waiting for you, Besides I’ve been walking myself home Since before I knew you.” “At least take my sweater, It will help you stay warm!” “Oh what good is a sweater, In a summer storm…” A summer storm… “You will get your clothes wet, Oh dear God! What a pretty picture! How will I ever get you off of my mind, With that image - Stuck in my head ?! Running through the forest, The moonlight illuminating your skin, The dress you’re wearing, Looking like a fairy, Dancing and laughing, Casting a spell… Please do not go yet, I beg you! I will do as you ask, Tonight I am all yours! We could stay here, Or go someplace else, Tell me what you want!”
The Way 05:02
THE WAY I long to kiss you and hold you, Wearing nothing but the moonlight, Until the sun’s out, By then my hands shall know you better than, You have ever known yourself. You know that I could move my hips, Make you melt beneath my fingertips, Shape you with my breath and song, Have you put your hands where they belong, God, give me a reason, any reason will do! To stay and watch the sunrise, and Dive into the blue ocean that knows me, How softly it calls me, Lovingly leading me astray… Yet I know I will regret it, If I let it take me away. But there is no wrong if there is no right, There’s only the alternative versions of What will happen here tonight… If it be your will that it be my choice, Why should there be a price to pay, For following your voice? I, I am, I am the way, I, I am, I am the life, I, I am, I am the truth, Adam and Eve in their garden without strife.
MY ROOTS GO DEEP I keep it on, This ring, a feather of a swan, You gave to me some years ago, In the land of fire and snow. In those days we burned brighter than the sun, when we came together as one. Can’t take it off, This weathered token of our love, You made for me when we were new, From threads of dreams in shades of blue. In those days we made circles ‘round the moon, And those times were over too soon. But Lord, I do not weep upon waking from a sleep, Dreaming of heaven, For I remember all too well how close heaven is to hell, And all of them crash landings I’ve endured. I am letting down my roots, I am getting good at being still, I have stopped chasing after things, I am like the church upon a hill, I allow all things to come to me, I am a tall and mighty tree, I can weather any storm, ‘cause My roots go deep, my roots go deep, My roots go deep, my roots go deep, My roots go deep, my roots go deep. My roots go deep… Don’t you ever wish there was a word, In a language everybody understands, You could say when words were not enough, To explain to others what your heart commands. By uttering the word our hearts would open, Communicating freely without fear, The fear we’ve held about speaking our truth, When it might be difficult to hear. We would find it easier just to listen, Synchronized in every single beat, In a place of purest Love and deepest wisdom, Maybe we would finally get to meet. LILA. LILA. LILA. LILA. LILA. LILA. LILA. LILA.
Remember Me 06:37
REMEMBER ME I’ve always loved you, and I always will. Deep down I knew I’d find you if I just stood still, For long enough to feel you in a state of passing bliss, And all the while praying “Please, let me hold on to this,” And with that you would fade away before I could count to three, A single thought remaining, “Remember me…”, Remember me… Move into me, into my warmth, All that’s good within me I’m bringing forth, My arms extended to welcome you, and Hold you in a tight embrace the way it’s long been overdue. I can see you standing across the void of time, I’m looking up, you’re looking down, I can climb this mountain if I break all ties, That hold me to the ground and claim that I may never ever rise, High enough to collect you unto me, The body’s heavy, while the spirit’s free, I am released from it, when I sleep at night and Travel to you swiftly like a comet burning in its flight, There is no such thing as time in the spirit world, We sail the skies of presence, our wings ever unfurled, Let me wake up just this once with the faintest memory, And I’ll set out to find you, knowing you’re out there awaiting me, If you recognize me before I do, Come say hello, I’ll say It’s good to see you too. All that longing, all this time, Can I be yours? Will you be mine? I’ve always loved you, and I always will... Always will, always have… Always will, always have…
ALCHEMY OF LOVE Here’s what I know, From the moment that I saw you, I knew you were a brother to me, We embraced lovingly… Why do people assume, There’s only one way that can go? Don’t they know about the alchemy of love? You meet the love you feel inside, Like a mighty wave that you have learnt to ride, You give it wings and let it soar, Then ground it deep within your core, Knowing it could never leave you, For this love is who you are, Don’t let your mind deceive you Thinking you need go looking far outside of you, For a love so true. You have been awoken, From a dream in which you’d spoken, Of longing and awaiting, A quest as futile as frustrating. Well you’re dreaming no more, As you come knock on my door. If I let you in, Will you…
The Season 04:00
THE SEASON The days in the country leave me yearning for What the changing season signifies, I will soon be seen returning To feast my eyes. On the newest fashion straight from Paris, Finding its spotlight at the ball, The city makes my heart beat faster, As I recall. I wonder if you might even feel me, Before the news of my arrival reached your door, The last time you saw me I was a child still, I am one no more. Now everything I ever dreamed of, Is standing right in front of me, Nothing ever comes so easy, Nothing ever is for free, but Could it be? I wanted to say how much I loved you, I wanted to know if you felt the same, I had hoped to dance with you all evening, It is why I came. I wondered if you should like to kiss me, If you had thoughts of me when you lie in bed, but I shall have to kiss the pages of your letters instead. And now everything I ever wanted Is fading right in front of me. Nothing ever comes so easy, Nothing ever is for free, It couldn’t be… If only love was more like dancing, Beautiful and full of grace, No trying too hard or pretending, Feeling out of place. Love is confusing, In so many ways… I will still cherish, These summer days.
KNOW YOURSELF Father said it’s OK to make mistakes, You’ve just gotta use your head, think logically, find solutions And you’re gonna be OK if you can learn from those mistakes, You’re gonna get it wrong as many times as it takes To get right… Let none but you decide, Where your limits lie! Mother said it’s OK to be unsure, You’ve just gotta listen to your heart, be patient with yourself, And you’re gonna be OK cause you’re stronger than you know, And in the end you’ll find the answer’s been there all along Waiting for you to believe in yourself, ‘cause You know who you are, and You know what to do, ‘cause You were born to be this version of you, And all of your uniqueness, was never meant to be a weakness. You were built to endure! And all of those who came before you, Had laid the stepping stones for you, So that you could come this far, so You know who you are, and You know what to do, ‘cause You were born to be the best version of you! Even when you feel like you’re all alone, Even when you think no one understands. You always have a friend when you have yourself, The greatest company you will ever find… Know yourself.


LILA (2022) is the third in a trilogy of solo albums, presenting a dreamlike collection of songs on the theme of Love, in all its guises: False love. Vulnerable love. Imagined love. Filial love. Childlike love. Parental love. Sensual love. Young love. Past love. True love. Purest love. Confusing love. Romantic love. Unitive love. Eternal love. 

LILA was conceived in Iceland with Marketa's partner/producer Sturla Mio
Thorisson bringing Irglova’s vision into sharp focus. Recorded at the
couple’s studio Masterkey, LILA is a showcase for Irglova’s exceptional piano and arrangement skills which have come to
be known through her most famous song “Falling Slowly.” The singer-songwriter is joined by noted Finnish born / Irish
based string player, Marja Gaynor, Czech guitarist Peter Moc, and Venezulan percussionist Manuel Barreto throughout
the record.

"It gives me great joy to be able to release this body of work into the world after all this time of gathering life experiences, digging deeper, connecting to something higher and allowing for something beautiful to grow from the journey, which was not always an easy and comfortable one, but challenging and difficult one too. The alchemy of transmuting base matter into purer forms, is my favorite part of the kind of songwriting I try and perfect over time. Mio has done an excellent job translating my ideas into reality, and so I truly hope the result may resonate with you in one way or another. Thank you."
- Markéta Irglová, 2022


released August 19, 2022

Songs and lyrics by MARKÉTA IRGLOVÁ


Performed by:

MARKÉTA IRGLOVÁ on piano, vocals, bodhrán, and midi bass, harp, flute and horns.
MARJA GAYNOR on violin and viola (String arrangements by Marja Gaynor)
MANUEL BARRETO on drums and percussion
PETER MOC on acoustic and electric guitar

Additional vocals in “Know Yourself” by MIA, EYVI, FRODI, ZUZANA IRGLOVÁ and MIO

ERIC HARPER on Spanish guitar, charango and ukulele on 'Love Stayed With Me'

Editing and Programming by Sturla Mio Thorisson

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sturla Mio Thorisson at Masterkey Studios, Iceland 2022

Cover art by Nahid Hagigat, portraits by Lena Bushart
Original photos for 'The Season' & 'Remember Me' track art but Sion Fullana
Original photos for 'Girl From A Movie' by David Cleary
Original photo for 'My Roots Go Deep' by Lena Bushart.

Graphic design and layout by Sturla Mio Thorisson and Markéta Irglová

© 2022 Masterkey Sounds
℗ 2022 Marketa Irglova Music
Admin by Warner Chappell Publishing (ASCAP)


Mio, my partner and co-creator of this album, thank you for your love and dedication, for your faith and perseverance, your skill and excellence, and most of all, your patience.
My fellow musicians. Thank you Marja, Peter, Manu, Mio and Eric, for expanding the music with your intuitive, inspired and brilliant contributions.
My family. Thank you for all your help and support, it is what makes it all possible. Thank you my dear Suzie.
My children Karítas, Mía, Eyvi, and Fródi - thank you for bringing me deeper into my heart, my womanhood and creativity. For singing my songs with your sweet voices. May you always know yourselves.
Thank you Nahid for your beautiful art and Lena for your wonderful photography.
Thank you Sion for being a witness to the creative process and documenting the journey with so much love.
Thank you Howard for being such a rock.
Thank you Maria, John, Mary, Karen, Jana, Marek, Zohreh, Nersi and Mio for being my guides always.


all rights reserved



Marketa Irglova Reykjavik, Iceland

Markéta received The Academy Award for best song, Falling Slowly, Irglová released her solo debut, Anar, in 2011, followed by Muna in 2014. Today she creates her music at Masterkey Studios, built by her husband, producer Sturla Mio Thorisson. Recent releases include a trilogy of singles titled Quintessence, Among the Living, and Mother. Full length album “Lila” will be out on August 19, 2022.
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