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Tim Evans
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Tim Evans Once again Markéta reduces a grown man to tears with the beauty of her new release 'Mother'. Just like 'Quintessence' and 'Among the Living', it seems to have been released just when we all need it.
helgefritsch thumbnail
helgefritsch What a wonderful song, what a wonderful piece of art which directly found the way into our heart. A seed of love to sprout 🌱 in the world , reaching many hearts and making it a better place 💚🌏. Thanking you & The Webb Sisters and everyone who contributed so much for this true masterpiece.
Helen Cova
Helen Cova thumbnail
Helen Cova Hi my dearest Marketa. thank you once more for this wonderful gift to the world. I love to follow your music and I hope I can see you again soon to hug you, Mio and the children. Give my love to little hobbit F. for me.
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jerseymes Otherworldly ❤️❤️❤️
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Mother 15:53
Mother Mother you brought me here, gave me a body, What you have done for me could have nobody else done for me. For 9 months you carried me within your own body, Counting the days till having somebody to reap, All the warmth of your love. When I arrived you put me in the centre, Orbited me like the Moon bound to the Earth, Self-appointed to serve. You gave me a name you knew I could carry, Watching me grow you hoped I would marry for love, Have a daughter of my own someday. Being born under a full moon gave me a blessing, Of family and home, two pillars of your core beliefs, They made me who I am. The fruit of thy womb, the blood of your blood, Filled with your strength, made of your love, I was born with wings so I could fly, but I was your world, I was your everything, I know it broke your heart to see my wings unfurl, Knowing you could no longer protect me, Had to learn to just trust me, Waiting to hear from me, to know I was ok. Mother, you made every sacrifice, I am sorry to realise that no one was keeping score. Mother, oh mother, i shall lay the world at your feet. Mother I come from a long line of believers, Keepers of knowledge, guardians and healers, I know it’s not been easy to survive, Facing whole centuries of abuse and oppression, Being denied all unbridled expression, You withdrew and went deep beneath the ground. There you’ve resided, silenced, downtrodden, In the million years past you’ve been nearly forgotten, All the same, there are those who remember your name. In the deepest of depths, all the way in the centre, You gave rise to a realm very few may enter, I ask your permission to pass. The world is in a state of perpetual chaos, people divided by forces who play us Against each other in defence of a lie, That says greed isn’t greed, just basic survival, and Nothing is gained by quoting the Bible, To most, the truth remains obscured. I have come to collect you, and Bring you back up with me, I have felt you calling me every time I closed my eyes, and Wondered what future awaits us, You whispered that you would rise, To the Master of the World’s surprise, He, who thought you buried alive. Mother, oh mother, we need you now more than ever before.



The impulse to write a song for Mother and motherhood came first from my friend and photographer Lena Bushart, who takes beautiful portraits of mothers with their children, every piece being a tribute to the connection between mother and child, the power of creation, and the nurturing nature of a mother’s love.

Her suggestion to write a song for mothers resonated within me, given that the past 7 years of motherhood have given me much valued insight into how much I owe to my mother, the incredible woman who raised me and made me the person I am today. Everything I am, I am because of her. If I lacked the capacity to fully understand what that meant when I was younger, I certainly realize and appreciate it now. My children helped me gain awareness of that on a deeper level than was available to me prior to becoming a mother myself.

I wanted to write a tribute to her service to me. And in so doing, to write a tribute to all women who give of themselves in this way, selflessly and without expectation of any thanks or reward beyond that of raising a decent human being instilled with a capacity for compassion, tolerance and kindness.

The second chapter, however, focuses on women in general, mothers or not, conscious of the horrors women have had to endure throughout history, and the painful conditions and treatment many women are still subjected to even now. Seeking to empower women, I set out to imbue this song with a sense of mysticism, something ancient and altogether feminine. I chant invocations of goddesses from different cultures, using languages such as Hindi, Egyptian, Yoruba, Mayan, and Farsi.

Sturla Mio Thorisson, my husband and partner in this creation incorporated a whole world of sound scape design into the evolution of this piece, in an effort to make its journey an epic one. This we did in an effort to help women connect with their inner power. The very power we call upon during childbirth, for example. We drew inspiration from the event of a volcanic eruption taking place in Iceland at the time, and imagined the sea crashing against the shore, the earth cracking open and magma shooting hundreds of meters into the air, for that is the power that dwells within the depths of the very earth we subjugate, rape, abuse and destroy for our own pleasure and needs.

At the beginning of this creative journey, I had asked The Webb Sisters to help me make this song what I felt it wished to be. I knew that Charley and Hattie were just the women I needed to help me realize my vision, and instill this piece with beauty, grace, sensuality, femininity and magic. Their stunning voices, heavenly harmonies and masterful playing makes for something timeless and divine. Considering the unlikelihood of traveling at the time, we agreed to work remotely, from our respective corners of the world.

Realizing the possibilities of that kind of remote collaboration, I also reached out to my old friend Marja Gaynor, an original member of The Swell Season, who wrote and performed parts for viola and violin on the “Once” soundtrack, which became the integral arrangements even in the Broadway adaptation of Once. She has a talent for summoning forces from the elemental and heavenly realms, and manifesting raw, untamed and awe-inspiring beauty. Her unbridled expression and creativity was a true gift to “Mother”.

I also approached an Irish cellist Patrick Dexter and a Spanish percussionist Manuel Barreto, both of whom I discovered through Instagram. Their contributions to this song were truly inspiring to me, for they had clearly aligned their hearts with the heart of “Mother” and brought her to the place she wished to go. The same is true for Marja and The Webb Sisters. But to receive the contribution of these beautiful kind-hearted men, Mio being among them, felt especially meaningful, considering that this song is a tribute to women. Having their generous and potent creativity as well as their masculine support and love stream toward this project, steers it clear from being an exclusively female endeavor, and displays mutual respect and strength in unity.

When singing the song I was struck by the realization, that it is as easy to imagine singing it to my daughter as it is to sing it to my mother. For I know that before not too long, my baby will want to spread her wings and fly beyond my reach, my protection. She, who is my world, my everything. And so the circle is complete. I only hope to help create a better world for her to live in.


released May 29, 2021

Markéta Irglová and The Webb Sisters
( feat. Marja Gaynor, Patrick Dexter, Manuel Barreto and Mio )

Written by Markéta Irglová
Mixed, mastered and produced by Sturla Mio Thorisson
at Masterkey Studios, Iceland.

Recorded by:

Sturla Mio Thorisson in Iceland
Darren Heelis in England
John Fitzgerald and Patrick Dexter in Ireland
Manuel Barreto in Spain

Performed by:

Markéta Irglová on piano and vocals
Charley Webb on guitar
Hattie Webb on harp
Charley and Hattie Webb, The Webb Sisters, on vocals
Marja Gaynor on violin and viola
Patrick Dexter on cello
Manuel Barreto on drums and percussion
Sturla Mio Thorisson on sound design

Artwork by:

Cover design by Mary Reynolds
Portraits by Lena Bushart

Released on Masterkey Sounds 2021
Marketa Irglova Music
Admin by Warner Chappell Publishing (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Marketa Irglova Reykjavik, Iceland

Markéta received The Academy Award for best song, Falling Slowly, Irglová released her solo debut, Anar, in 2011, followed by Muna in 2014. Today she creates her music at Masterkey Studios, built by her husband, producer Sturla Mio Thorisson. Recent releases include a trilogy of singles titled Quintessence, Among the Living, and Mother. Full length album “Lila” will be out on August 19, 2022.
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