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by Marketa Irglova

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Point of Creation Take me to the point of my creation, Take me where my life began. I was born into this world, What had I intended then? What had I chosen for a destiny, Am I living it right now? I have this feeling I've forgotten something. Tell me, how do I know that I am where I'm supposed to be? Talk to me, God, I know you're listening to me. Open up your eyes, look to the sky, You'll see a rainbow, That's the bridge you crossed, On your way to your new life. Breathe in, breathe out, Let the color rays pass through you. Red, orange, yellow, green, Turquoise, indigo, purple. Now do you see where your home is? Do you remember who you are? Life's longing for itself, Your wish made upon a star.
Time Immemorial Wounded soldier, rest a while. In this house you're safe from harm. Let the war fight itself. Don't be alarmed- Though I wear a uniform of your army's enemy, I am no enemy to you. We didn't start this war, or the one before. All we've ever wanted was to live in peace. War is the mindset of those threatened by the thought Of losing power, and control, don't you see We have been our worst enemy. But you and I have minds of our own, We can choose to disengage, From the collective misperception, Of the kind of war that's being waged here. We're living in fear. Life, like the stream running through, The many hills and plains of landscape you, To meet the greater body of the sea. There, not diminished but built upon, It returns itself to where it came from, So can it be with you and me. We are the heart and soul of our greater whole. All we've ever wanted was to come home to ourselves. Since time immemorial there's been conflict and war, Each new one greater than the one before. Don't you see we have been our sole enemy? But you and I can break the circle, We don't have to feed the flames. Pointing fingers, blaming others. We are all to blame around here, For living in fear.
The Leading Bird Clouds descend on grass grown wild, Tall and grand, lush in hand. They bend in air as man in prayer. I'm weaving through, trying to get to you. I'm running past birds of dawn, They sing like heaven, they're leading on. Yet I don't see slow motioned wings, Like gold in sun, how it could be won. White as snow silk-feathered doves. Eternal glow, they easily know. That life is grand in all its shapes, Whether it gives, whether it takes. That I am you, you are me, and Loving grace can set us free, From sprinting far, above, beyond, Being our own strong magic wand. I’m pushing through, though knowing this, Thinking it all falls behind the next abyss. I’ll get there soon and dwell there some, ’Til it’s time for the next cloud to come.
Fortune Teller Close your eyes and think of the future. Picture yourself, now what do you see? One year from now, two ten or twenty… Tell me, tell me! What would you like to be? A fortune teller, a treasure hunter? A world explorer, a heaven seeker? Or is being yourself satisfying enough? Maybe all you dream of finding is One True Love. Guardian of a secret, temple fire keeper? A truth protector, a dream collector? Or is simply being yourself satisfying enough? Maybe all you dream of keeping is One True Love. Find a fruitful branch to shake, Careful not to make it break. Find a piece of land to rake, Spread your seeds and see them take.
Without a Map God, I've been sent here blind to learn to see, Remembering you were always there with me. But do you know just how hard that's been? Could all of this have really been foreseen? I'd like to say a prayer, how does it go? I'm tired. Tell me, God, does it show? What could have called for such a handicap? I was sent out here without a map. All this time I've had to guess the way, To keep moving when I wished to stay. I've been wrong as much as I've been right. You tell me: 'Walk by faith and not by sight, and Keep your heavy heart afloat. You are a timber carved by knife, but Someday you may serve as a boat.' What I lose here on earth… …Is lost in heaven. If I ask you for help… …it will be given. But you've waited this long… …you weren't ready. My devotion was strong… …it wasn't steady. I have one more question… …you have the answer too. But what does that mean? You're I, and I am you. Why speak in riddles? Then let me show the way. That's all I've wanted. That's all you've had to say. Well come on then, God, show me, Which way you would like me to go, and I won't resume to question, How I was ever supposed to know. There have been signs along the way, but They've been so very obscure. At times I thought I knew their meaning, but How could I've ever been sure? God, I was sent here deaf to learn to hear, To have faith in you and never fear. Life is an ocean, you its every wave, Your arms would cradle me, and keep me safe. You're right, all this, and more I need to learn, All this unease just makes my stomach churn. It was I not you who set this trap, but You did leave me here without a map. All this time I've had to guess the way, To keep moving when I wished to stay. I've been right as much as I've been wrong, so All I hear from you is: 'You are strong enough, For all you'll ever have to face, The only map you need is Love, To guide you through this illusion of a maze.' Our Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, On east, as it is in heaven, Give us today our daily bread, Forgive us, Father, all our sins, As we forgive those who sin against us, and Lead us not into temptation, but Deliver us from evil, for thy is the kingdom, and The power, and the glory, Now and forever more, Amen.
Remember Who You Are Tell me why you hide from me, Or am I blinded by the expectation, Of what I'll see? How do you expect nothing, but Stay open to everything? I've been trying to keep an open mind, but Listen! Why do you make yourself so hard to find? I've been looking for you left and right, Tell me! Have I even so much as glimpsed a sight? Well it's not just a matter of curiosity, Your existence is what makes or breaks this world to me. Because if you're not real, how do I know what is? Maybe I'm just imagining all of this… I take whatever form you picture me in, but You can not see what you don't believe in. You're always looking for proof, Your faith is like a house that has no roof. The howling winds of doubt, they sweep right through. You've forgotten everything that you once knew. All you need is to remember who you are, Then you will see that I am never far from you. You need not fear, we're always here. If you only knew who walks with you, You'd never feel alone, scared of the unknown. You would stand up straight, and comfort the afraid.
Mary 03:55
Mary Oh Father, what do you see? Are you well pleased in me? I always longed to be Worthy of the faith you put in me, and It would make me sad if I should let you down, I only wish to make you proud, but I'd really like to play with the children now. Am I allowed? For a moment to go out? Mary, still a little girl now, Mary, play as much as you can, Mary, you already know how, To play the hearts of men, like a harp. You're still so young, You have so much ahead of you. Big things await you still, Oh, if you only knew, but Maybe it is better that you don't, While you're sleeping undisturbed by anything, It's still so early in the morning, Only cowbells ring, Soon the birds will start to sing. Mary, you're growing up now, Mary, soon your time will come, Mary, you already know how, To make sound the hearts of men like a drum, beating.
Phoenix 04:30
Phoenix You told me all creation starts, Within the darkness of a womb, Comparing flowers to enlightened minds, and Therefore loving to see them bloom. As I had loved to see your joy, and Sought out a meadow to pick this living light, but Then I turned up at your door, and Found I'd only been stealing in the night. When you said: "Don't give me flowers to put in a vase, They're beautiful, I know, but they are dying, Unlike the love that they were given to proclaim. We'll plant an oak tree in our garden, To better stand the test of time, Please don't kill no flowers in my name, Don't kill flowers in my name." Well then I thought of life and death, and The impermanence of all there is, and Grew unsure of how you knew Our love could never feel the deathly kiss of time. When you said: "Love is like a phoenix, never to truly die, For it rises from its own ashes to be born anew, Yeah, it is so if the love is true, but If it's lost to you and I, it is lost to the world, and It will truly feel as though each star has ceased to shine for good, Our love it lives on as it should, Our love lives on as it should.
Seasons Change Open your door, come on outside, It's raining, but still, that's no reason to hide. Put on your coat, we can still play, Or go for a walk, rain as it may, 'Cause if you love life, it will keep you warm, In all weather, even rain and storm. We learn that spring sends the winter away, So when the summer comes 'round, we beg spring to stay, but In all these years past, why didn't we learn? That we'd be better of pleading with whomever make the earth turn, 'Cause seasons change, they go as quick as they came, and It's not their fault, if we choose to stay the same, and Not grow at all, neither strong, nor tall. But if you ever want to play a game with me, To run around the woods, and climb the tallest tree, To make ourselves a couple kites, and see them fly, We can reach out to a cloud to try and touch the sky.
Gabriel 04:46
Gabriel Behold a bed of golden sand, Upon it lies a sea of empty shells, The dream of life on earth dissolving fast, Like a world painted in aquarelles. Yet in this a time there's no room for despair, for There's more to this than what meets the eye. Dispute no more over right and wrong, for The song of hope is but a single cry. A prayer for the right to be loved, Despite all our prior sins, No one shall cast a stone now, for If the song is dead, nobody wins. WHO IS THIS? You call me Gabriel, I'm a rider on a white horse. The tide is rising now, Make haste and set your course. Don't wait for the break of dawn, for The sun isn't gonna rise today, but Don't worry, all is well, In its place the moon will light the way. And from the morrow till the end of time, Both the sun and moon alike will reign, It is by the hand of man, not the will of God, That any lamb was ever slain. But for the love of life and a life of love, Let there be no blood shed tonight. The only way to win this coming trial, Is to yield your arms, and put up no fight.
This Right Here Anything that I could say right now, Would only be a pale reflection of what I feel. Won't you let me just look at you, Our eyes are the windows to our souls, and They will show one another all there is to know, About the things that I'd like you to understand. Hold my hand and listen with your skin, Let your inner senses take me in, and We will go beyond words. Like a wish that's remained concealed, Like a wound that has never healed, Int he secret language of the heart, I summoned you to me, As the missing part of my life's design. Your destiny's linked with mine, As I light these candles for you, and Your unspoken wish coming true, but The present is the gift. Yeah, this right here, This right here.


Muna is the second solo record by Marketa Irglova. Thematically, unlike the previous album Anar, which in its nature focused on the dynamic of intimate, personal relationships, Muna is an internal dialogue of a spiritual nature. It is a collection of 11 songs written over the course of a year and recorded in several session over the course of six months. 27 musicians and vocalists participated in the performance of these songs, among which are Rob Bochnik from The Swell Season/The Frames, an iranian daf player and vocalist Aida Shahghasemi, Shazhad Ismaily, Una Sveinbjarnardóttir and Zuzana Irglova.

Muna means to remember in Icelandic and was chosen as a title for this album since remembering that which had been forgotten is a running thread and a re-occurring theme throughout this record. Muna was recorded, mixed, mastered and produced in Iceland by Sturla Mio Thorisson and is being released on Anti records.


released September 23, 2014


All songs written by Markéta Irglová, with the exception of 'The Leading Bird', written by Aida Shahghasemi and Markéta Irglová; and performed by MARKÉTA IRGLOVÁ on piano and vocals, AIDA SHAHGHASEMI on daf and vocals, ROB BOCHNIK on electric + acoustic
MUNA was recorded at the GREENHOUSE STUDIOS in Iceland, with additional recording at PAT DILLETT'S studio in New York, and the exception of 'Point of Creation' recorded at HALLGRÍMSKIRKJA, a church in Reykjavík, with the permission of JÓNANNA BJÖRNSDÓTTIR.

MUNA was recorded, mixed, and produced by STURLA MIO THORISSON, co-produced by VALGEIR SIGURÐSSON. Cover art created by NAHID HAGIGAT, artwork by NAHID HAGIGAT, MARY REYNOLDS, MARKÉTA IRGLOVÁ, and STURLA MIO THORISSON. Photography and graphic layout by STURLA MIO THORISSON.

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Marketa Irglova Reykjavik, Iceland

Markéta received The Academy Award for best song, Falling Slowly, Irglová released her solo debut, Anar, in 2011, followed by Muna in 2014. Today she creates her music at Masterkey Studios, built by her husband, producer Sturla Mio Thorisson. Recent releases include a trilogy of singles titled Quintessence, Among the Living, and Mother. Full length album “Lila” will be out on August 19, 2022.
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