by Marketa Irglova

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Jesús Rodrigo Díaz Téllez
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Jesús Rodrigo Díaz Téllez The first song I heard from Marketa, We Are Good. I fell in love with it. Excellent album, makes me happy. Favorite track: We Are Good.
Russell Whyman
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Russell Whyman Marketa's debut solo album. Involving, laid back and enjoyable.

No digital album option with Marketa's music but well worth the money for the digipack. You do get the download once you buy the CD.

The CD packaging is beautiful though and arrived signed (as requested) and with a hand written thank you note.
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bkpr ANAR is a little masterpiece. The best solo debut an artist could ever make. You can feel her very personal style. Favorite track: Let Me Fall in Love.
  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Comes in a lovely getefold case, with artwork by Nahid Hagigat.

    Each copy signed by Marketa Irglova (on request).

    Includes unlimited streaming of ANAR via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 2 days

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Marketa Irglova, Academy Award winner and one half of The Swell Season, has released her first full-length solo album, titled Anar. Citing references ranging from Otis Redding, to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, to the soundtrack from Jesus Christ Super Star, Irglova pulled from numerous influences to create a delicate balance of ethereal vocals and expanding instrumentals on her 12-track debut, including the R&B influenced “Go Back” and heart felt song “Crossroads.”


released October 11, 2011

Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar: Marketa Irglova
Bass, Electric Guitar: Tim Iseler
Daf, Vocals: Aida Shahghasemi
Electric Guitar: Rob Bochnik
Vocals: Zohreh Shayesteh
Saxophone: Jake Clemons
Trumpet: Jaimie Branch
Trombone: Jeb Bishop
Drums: Frank Rosaly
Cello: Fred Lonberg Holm

Produced by: Marketa Irglova and Tim Iseler
Recorded and mixed by: Tim Iseler at Soma Studios in Chicago
Assistant engineer: Andrew Hernandez
Mastered by: Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service


all rights reserved



Marketa Irglova Reykjavik, Iceland

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Track Name: Your Company
I've got it all
figured out, baby.

You're coming home
with me and we will laugh our worries away,

And you can stay
as long as you please.

I'm really just
glad that I could have met you.

It's easy to see
how much I like your company,

But I wouldn't
dream of trying to keep you.

You know how they
say that love heals all fear,

Well in a similar
vein I thrive when you're near,

But you've had
your pain and you've had your grief

And at the hardest
of times she brought you relief.

And you love her,

Even if only for

And she knows she
saved you and she won't let you forget.

But I remember the
time that I sat beside you

And your hand
brushed against my knee

And I thought I
would die for that alone instantly,

But I'm sure you
knew just how good that would feel.

Well I know I had
a good reason for not seeing this through,

Oh but now I
forget and I don't know what to do.

But you can hold
my hand and you can kiss me too

Just while I try and
remember why I shouldn't want you
Track Name: We Are Good
Early morning, rising with the sun

Resting where the sky meets the earth

Feeling the first rays of sunlight reaching into my soul

Where they reinstate the sense of my own self-worth

If you’re not good, you’re bad

That’s far too black and white

Behold the glorious sun in all its radiance bright

It too at times is obscured by the thick blue veil of night

Still the moon and all the stars combines to reflect it’s

And so it is that we are good

Thought we do not always do as we should

We lose track of right and wrong

And we’re not always standing strong

But still don’t you wanna believe

In things that eyes do not perceive

Like our light shining from within
That in a battle with our darkness can win

The gates of heaven open before me

As my heart is given wings and flies

Leaving all pretense behind, everything is crystal clear

Even all the worry of uncertainty subsides

They say that time will come for us to be reborn

Into the newness of unity that has been torn

Into duality, into “it’s us against them”

It’s from a place of fear that all our conflicts stem

We’re almost there, but not yet, still the stage is set

For the play we may enact according to our contract

That we may both you and I, with everybody in our home up

To awaken from our deep and long undisturbed

Though hardly perfect sleep

If to look is to know the grace, which you bestow

Upon those that you would raise

Into a kind and loving gaze

Then to look is to see everyone as good as they can be
Track Name: Crossroads
It remains to be seen to which side I’m gonna lean.

Which road will I choose, what will I gain, what will I loose?

Am I gonna come to my senses and see the light

in letting go of what I want in order to do what’s right?

Or be right by who?

By me or by you? It’s just a crossroads.

Is the light red or is it green? I’m getting mixed signals,

I really don’t know what they mean.

If I wasn’t temporarily blind, if I could only take one look

I know I’d find how simple it all is.

How much do I really want this?

Is enough not enough?

Am I really in Love?

Or is it nothing but a test?

Well if you wanna try me, go ahead and be my guest,

Cause I myself would like to know which way will it go.

I guess it’s undecided yet, so I’ll take it slow, but as I
regain my sight,

I know I will do what’s right. Indeed it’s just a

Now that I’m willing to clearly see things for what they are

And no what I’d like them to be, there’s nothing left to
think about,

I know the way now, I’ve no more doubt, I let go and

You do the same for me, please.
Track Name: Wings of Desire
I’ve often though about the nature of our meeting,
A handshake for a greeting, a look of tenderness in your eyes.
Your hand it felt warm, I held it tight in both of mine,
The way I’d cling to a cup of steaming tea in winter. And
It’s not that I was cold, although the autumn breeze
Blew cooler at the shore. It’s that when we touched,

I saw a glimpse of my future and in holding on I hoped
I’d see a little more. Now I still thirst for that vision,
I hunger for that touch. I hardly know what to with
Myself, I want you so much. But my heart will break
Before I die of hunger or thirst, for the love I feel but try
And contain. If you only knew then I could let it flow
Freely to you. You’d see how much has been asked of my
Self-restraint. Oh I could soar like a bird on these
Feathered wings of desire. Yeah I love you, could you ever
Love me too? You don’t know how good to you I’d be.
I’d make you feel like the wildest of your dreams were
Real. I’d show you everyday how much you mean to me.
I could soar like a bird on these feathered wings of desire.
Track Name: Only in Your Head
Right now it's
only in your head, but

That might very
well be all it's gonna take

To make it come to
pass, but

Is that really
what you'd like, and

If not, why occupy
your mind with it at all?

Thoughts grow just
as easily as grass.

As easily as

If you don't want
it in your garden,

Why plant the

Why water

Whey tend to it?

Well it is all in
your hands, and

There is no one
but yourself that you can blame

For all that you

Maybe our actions
are what counts, and

Not all that we
might think or feel or say, but

Don't they all

I know it's easier
said than done, but

Has there ever
been a struggle

You thought you
wouldn't overcome, but

No, looking back
you see it's clear

Things could have
turned out better

If it wasn't for
the fear.
Track Name: Divine Timing
Time, how does it go? Sometimes fast,
sometimes slow

But when I’m with you time disappears

Weeks can feel like days, days can feel like years

I stood with you, time stood still

Can you kill time? Can time kill?

Can we stay in our timeless romance?

Freedom, what does it mean?

Is it worth being chased or does it come from within?

Leaving the freedom of choice, isn’t that being free?

Could you freely choose to be bound to me?

When I met you, the planets did align, and

Is it not true, the timing was divine?

Too soon is as bad as too late, yet

Here we are, and was it not fate

That brought you to me, that brought me to you?

I will be good, I will be true, but

I will not tie our love in chains

We can run while if neither pulls the reins

We can run free and have adventures of our own

Take the time if you need to be alone
Track Name: Go Back
To know the of too much tenderness

I’d give myself to thee, but just to clarify

My keeping distance, I confess that I know

All too well you’re not to be with me, but

From across the room you held my gaze

The keeper of my heart came to greet you

With a warm embrace now I feel this heat

In my hands and feet. I have a belly full of

Butterflies and weakness in my knees.

You better not come any closer

Cause I’ll loose myself if you do

And if in truth I cannot have you

Don’t encourage me wanting you

Go back

Go back

Go back
Go back

Go back hurry while you still can

Go back now don’t delay yourself

If you cannot be my man

Go back

Go back

Go back, don’t tempt me, go back

Go back, don’t tease me, go back

Be fair now, stop torturing me, go back

Be good and go back
Track Name: Let Me Fall in Love
Before I go to sleep tonight,
won't you tell a story?

One that does not center around
power or glory---

A simple tale of love that is
tender and sweet,

Forever glorified, still
uncorrupted, with a steady heartbeat.

Or better still of love that's
also passionate and wild,

That holds the light of youth
and makes you playful like a child.

Then let me fall in love.

I've heard people speak of sad
ending and broken hearts,

But the heart does heal and
where one thing ends, another starts.

I've heard them say they wished
they never knew such pain

But to wish for pain- free love
is to wish in vain.

And anyway, pain does not have to
mean suffering,

If love is a gift, to it yield
an offering

Cause when you fall in love,
you fall in love

With everything, with everyone,

And you look at the world
through a new pair of eyes

And you see fear - it crawls,
but love – it flies.
So fly with it, grow a pair of wings and soar up high,
This bird, it sings a lullaby.
Close your eyes now, go asleep,
And dream a dream of falling deep in love.
Track Name: For Old Times' Sake
Hold me tight, but
just for tonight

And not as tight
as before, we're not that close anymore

As least not in
that way,

We've drifted
further apart with each day.

We have waited it

Just to see if we
could love one another casually.

But Ii've been a
good friend to you,

I've always been
there for you.

You say you don't

Where did the
people we used to be go.

You say you don't

What ever made
made me let go of your hand.

But you never
asked me to stay, and

If you wanted me
to, you did not say.

Now for old times

Go ahead and
repeat that mistake

Cause the moment
is past now.

I've stopped
counting the days,


Let it be what it

Though we never
intended for it to turn into this.

We had something
good, it did not last

Let's not be
constantly re-living the past.

I have nothing but
love for you,

Though you've often

How that could be

Well you better
start believing me if you ever wish to see yourself free

From this long and
drawn-out process of letting go.

All this grief and
regret has kept your spirit low.
Track Name: Now You Know
I don’t know what it
is you did to me
I don’t know what it was you said
That made me think for the very first time
That I’d give everything I had
In exchange for on night with you
Where I’d put my head I haven’t a clue
I don’t know how to say this,
How to even begin, but
I’ll try and explain the state I’m in.
When you talk to me I can’t focus
On what you’re saying.
My mind gets lost in the movement
Of your lips, the color of your eyes, and
The gesturing of your hands. And
I want to move my lips
Right close to your ear, and
Whisper things that only you are meant to hear.
I’m falling for you,
What a stupid thing to do, but
There you go, at least now you know that I want you.

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