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Where You Belong

by Marketa Irglova

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Last fall, we finally found time to prepare a vinyl release for the trilogy of long songs that got us through the Covid lockdown period and that started our little label Masterkey Sounds.
    It's been the dream since their creation to collect them together on a LP and we are so very happy it is finally ready to share with you.

    See a bit further below for all the song details - but here are the bullet points for all of us vinyl heads:
    - Gracefully mastered for vinyl by the legendary Scott Hull & skilfully cut by Garrett Robinson at Masterdisk
    - Beautifully manufactured by our incredibly talented friends at Vinyl De Paris.
    - Pressed on 180gr Ivory Opague Vinyl, with a 4 page insert with lyrics and art, and of course there are download cards included.
    - All safely tucked into a PVC outer sleeve with glue flap.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Where You Belong via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 5 days
    edition of 500 
    Purchasable with gift card

      $25 USD or more 


  • Streaming + Download

    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    Purchasable with gift card

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High upon this hill, Lives a king and daughter, Can you hear their songs, Echo across the water, They sing of times long past, When the world was quiet, Simplicity and beauty, Reigned over the realms, There was time to savor, There was time to spare, There was understanding, Among the people everywhere, That God was our Creator, But without Nature we’re no more, Than seeds of promise and potential, Floating rootless as before, Through the vast and empty spaces, Trapped in somewhere in between, Conscious thought and dreaming, Projecting and perceiving, Reality’s a construct, Agreed upon by all. It’s time to reawaken and Hear the Spirit call. Deep inside this forest, Lies a fairy kingdom, Can you hear the bells, Carried on the breeze, They feel somewhat familiar, Like memories from childhood, A faint and distant calling, Your senses are enthralled. Your heart is filled with longing, Grace permeates the air, Now the chiming starts subsiding, Until it’s barely even there. Where it’s gone you can not follow, You are forced to look within, There you find a crystal chamber, Now the journey can begin. There’s a pyramid in Egypt, You have travelled there before, See it now in your mind’s eye, And walk toward the door. Enter with your body, Enter with your soul, The world has been divided, Through you it is made whole. - ( Swahili ) Kwanza kalikuwa na sauti. (First there was sound) Kwanza kalikuwa na nafasi. (First there was space) Nafasi ikazaa hewa, (Space gave birth to air) Hewa ikaaza moto, (Air gave birth to fire) Moto ilizaa maji, (Fire gave birth to water) Maji yakazaa dunia. (Water gave birth to earth)
Mother you brought me here, gave me a body, What you have done for me could have nobody else done for me. For 9 months you carried me within your own body, Counting the days till having somebody to reap, All the warmth of your love. When I arrived you put me in the centre, Orbited me like the Moon bound to the Earth, Self-appointed to serve. You gave me a name you knew I could carry, Watching me grow you hoped I would marry for love, Have a daughter of my own someday. Being born under a full moon gave me a blessing, Of family and home, two pillars of your core beliefs, They made me who I am. The fruit of thy womb, the blood of thy blood, Filled with your strength, made of your love, I was born with wings so I could fly, But I was your world, I was your everything, I know it broke your heart to see my wings unfurl, Knowing you could no longer protect me, Had to learn to just trust me, Waiting to hear from me, to know I was ok. Mother, you made every sacrifice, I am sorry to realise that no one was keeping score. Mother, oh mother, I shall lay the world at your feet. Mother I come from a long line of believers, Keepers of knowledge, guardians and healers, I know it’s not been easy to survive, Facing whole centuries of abuse and oppression, Being denied all unbridled expression, You withdrew and went deep beneath the ground. There you’ve resided, silenced, downtrodden, In the million years past you’ve been nearly forgotten, All the same, there are those who remember your name. In the deepest of depths, all the way in the centre, You gave rise to a realm very few may enter, I ask your permission to pass. The world is in a state of perpetual chaos, People divided by forces who play us against Each other in defense of a lie, That says greed isn’t greed, just basic survival, and Nothing is gained by quoting the Bible, To most, the truth remains obscured. I have come to collect you, and Bring you back up with me, I have felt you calling me every time I closed my eyes, and Wondered what future awaits us, You whispered that you would rise, To the Master of the World’s surprise, He, who thought you buried alive. Mother, oh mother, We need you now more than ever before. - Maa Durga ( Sanskrit ) Ayi Sumanah-Sumanah-Sumanah Sumanah-Sumanohara-Kaanti-Yute Shrita-Rajanii Rajanii-Rajanii Rajanii-Rajanii Kara-Vaktra-Vrte - Hymn to Isis ( Egyptian ) Dwa Nthrw Nebet, Dwa Nthrw Nebet Ta Nets Henut Wa´t, Ta Nets Henut Wa´t Senj N Ist, Bagh N S Djet F Senj N Ist, Henut Ament - Hymn to IxChel ( Mayan ) SHUO NANAJHENA JHE PASHUO NANAJHENA JHO SHUO NANAJHENA JHE PASHUO NANAJHENA JHO HUMKETHOKOJI MAIO HUMKETHOKOJI JHEINU HUMKETHOKOJI MAIO HUMKETHOKOJI JHEINU - Hymn to Anahita ( Persian ) Ey Anahita, Baa-Shad Ke tu az bung e Neeaa-yesh Be Faryad e ma Rasee. Ba Zaban e Kherad, Ba Andishe, Goftar va Kherdar e Neek. Baa-Shad ke hame-ye Don-ya Ra az Cheshm e Maa-dar. Be bee nad. - Hymn to Yemaya ( Yoruba ) Yemaya Assesu, Assessu Yemaya, Yemaya Olodo, Olodo Yemaya, Kai Kai Kai Yemaya Olodo Kai Kai Kai Assesu Olodo
All I could have, would have, should have told you, All I never even thought to ask you, Plays on my mind like a broken record, And I can not bring myself to speak. All that there was left for you to teach me, All you tried to make me understand, Isn’t lost on me now that you have left me, Proving nothing ever goes as planned. Since you’ve been gone I’ve been frozen, Unable to feel, Your leaving stripped the world of meaning, Tell me how do I go on, When I see nothing but fog now, All around me pillars of smoke rise, Where our dreams burned to the ground, There is no light to be found. I’m swimming in a deep lake of memories, I walk when I can’t sleep, And all I do is think about you, And wish that you were still here. Tell me it’s all been a terrible dream. The kind where you want to, But can not scream. Tell me I’ll wake up and all will be as before, I’ll be back in our hometown, and You will walk through the door. I never knew I had so much to lose, Until I lost you… And I wonder if you can forgive me, For all the times I have done you wrong, I’d give anything just to embrace you, Among the living, where you belong. Somebody tell me how to make peace, With circumstance begotten of mistakes, How to accept that there can be no second chances, When your soul escapes for grief and your heart breaks. Breaks into a thousand little pieces, Shatters like a cup that used to keep, All your memories, your dreams and your desires, and Now all you want to do is go to sleep, and Sleep until the living nightmare is over, Sleep until the pain of it is no more. Until the thought of facing the world doesn’t petrify you, And you can pick yourself up off the floor. Mother Mary, won’t you keep me steady, For my mind is weary and heavy is my heart. I’m still not sure if I can even do this, Could you bring me right back to the start? There is so much about the past that I’d like to change, To take all of the pieces apart, to re-arrange, The complex puzzle that is life, Ever-changing with each choice one makes. I was young, I was foolish, I was restless, I made many mistakes. Azrael, take good care of my baby, Raphael, help ease the pain, Gabriel, will you give my message to him? Chamuel, let us know peace. Jophiel, please illuminate this dark and lonely time, Zadkiel, let compassion grace each step of this steep and rocky climb, Jeremiel, mercy of God, will you be his guide? Help my brother journey over to the other side? Out of my reach and into your arms, Profoundly calm and peaceful a place. Life on earth can be so hard, They are better off there in some ways. And though I grieve now, though I cry, This is not our last goodbye, We will meet again I am sure. Another time, another life, Brother, sister, mother, wife For love does even death endure. May the love between us allow me to find you, When we are reborn in another form. I shall live the days, I have left on this earth in honor of you. May God bless and keep you.
Magdalena, I long to know, How did you let your Jesus go? How did you live after he died? Where did you walk without him by your side? Magdalena… Magdalena… Hear the world go quiet, On this starry night… I have come to find you, Here in this house of God. I have built a wall around me, No one is getting through… You would have the answer, You would know what to do. Please tell me what to do. I miss you this time of the year, When every song in the world sings of cheer, You would have wrapped all the gifts by October, and We would be lighting the tree early November, This Christmas Eve I long to believe, That one of these stars is you, In December we remember, To be kind and gracious, To give thanks and have patience, To play and be joyful, To forgive and help one another, because No one really knows how long we have, Before our light goes out, and If we flicker and shine, Like you up there tonight, Divine Oh Holy was the night you were born, Oh but heavy was the crown you had worn… Candles burning, church bells ringing, People gather, the choir is singing to you… Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas to you… Magdalena… Magdalena…


About “Where You Belong”

The vinyl release of 3 long songs released digitally during the two years of a global pandemic. The different perception of time during the pandemic dictated the extended length of these songs, and the circumstances inspired the topics. In these three songs I raise questions pertaining to mortality, transience, spirituality, connection, love and loss - among others.

“Magdalena” is an added bonus, included for the similarity it bares to the trilogy, based in introspection and a sense of deep longing, as well as processing grief while finding faith.

This trilogy features many wonderful musicians and friends of mine. A long time collaborator Aida Shahghasemi, Emiliana Torrini, The Webb Sisters, Aukai and others.

The cover art is once again by my talented Iranian artist friend Nahid Hagigat, this time featuring a beautiful unicorn, symbolizing pure light and love - always available to us on our often arduous journey through life.

The artwork is carefully crafted with love by Mio.

May your journey with this collection of songs be one of discovery and illumination, a deep dive into your own heart and soul.

With love, always,



released March 27, 2024

Markéta Irglová, featuring Emiliana Torrini and Aukai

Markéta Irglová and The Webb Sisters
featuring Marja Gaynor, Patrick Dexter, Manuel Barreto and Mio

"Among The Living"
Markéta Irglová, featuring Siggi String Quartet and Aida Shahghasemi

Markéta Irglová, featuring Schola Cantorum and Peter Moc

- All songs written by Markéta Irglová

Recorded, mixed and produced by
Sturla Mio Thorisson
at Masterkey Studios, Iceland in 2020/2021

Mastered by Scott Hull
Vinyl Cut by Garrett Robinson
at Masterdisk, Peeskill, NY in 2023

Additional Recordings on “Mother” by:
Darren Heelis in England
John Fitzgerald and Patrick Dexter in Ireland
Manuel Barreto in Spain

Cover art by Nahid Hagigat
Graphic design by Sturla Mio Thorisson
Photography by Małgorzata Małecka

Mother logo by Mary Reynolds
Quintessence logo by Markéta Irglová
Magdalena logo by Julia Davila-Lampe

Released on Masterkey Sounds 2024
Marketa Irglova Music
Admin by Warner Chappell Publishing (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Marketa Irglova Reykjavik, Iceland

Markéta received The Academy Award for best song, Falling Slowly, Irglová released her solo debut, Anar, in 2011, followed by Muna in 2014. Today she creates her music at Masterkey Studios, built by her husband, producer Sturla Mio Thorisson. Recent releases include a trilogy of singles titled Quintessence, Among the Living, and Mother. Full length album “Lila” will be out on August 19, 2022.
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